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TARCon 4 - The party in New York for the last episode of The Amazing Race, season 4. There were 400 fans from the website Television Without Pity, there to see who would cross the finish line first, and schmooze with the many, many racers who came. We were not disappointed - there were racers from all four seasons, plus the host Phil, and contestants from both the Mole and Survivor. A great party!

The breakdown of attending racers, by season, is:
  • Season 1: Brennan, Kevin, Karyn, Frank & Margarita
  • Season 2: Oswald & Danny, Tara
  • Season 3: Zach & Flo, Ken & Gerard, John Vito & Jill, Aaron
  • Season 4: Chip & Riechen, Kelly & Jon, Jeff & David, Amanda & Chris, Steve & Dave, Jon & Al, Debra & Steve, Millie & Chuck, Monica & Sheree, Cindy
  • Survivor: Rob, Mitchell
  • The Mole: Dorothy, Elavia, Kim
  • And of course, Phil