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Born: Denver, Colorado
Birthday: June 12
Zodiac Sign: Gemini (yes, I believe in that stuff!)
Raised: Livermore, California
Education: San Jose State University. My major: Liberal Studies/Business, minor: Humanities
Lived: California (Livermore, San Jose, Campbell, Santa Clara, Sunnyvale, Willow Glen, and Mountain View), Louisiana (New Orleans) and Virginia (Fairfax)
Interests: Movies, rollerblading, television, dancing, reading, travel, and web design

I am currently living in Fairfax, Virginia, with my boyfriend Michael and two cats, Shelby and Thor. I work for Delex Systems, a company specializing in creating training simulations, programs and systems, particularly for the US military. I have recently become interested in learning web design, and have put together websites for my mother, Michael, and this one (mine). I hope to eventually start freelancing in web design.