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First stop - Jackson Square and the St. Louis Cathedral

Back up a little and you can see the hansom cabs

Once again, I'm in a city with a theme art contest - this time it's fish

Mike outside the Police Station

Outside the casino

We take a romantic walk by the river

We go on a tour of the bayou

Michael LOVES the swamp!

There are a LOT of alligators - we even get to feed them from the boat!

I get to hold a baby alligator

Michael is ready to go on the tour again!

We visit the Mardi Gras museum (only partly to escape the blistering heat!)

We stop to see the house from "The Real World"

We take a Voodoo tour - and end up in the Voodoo Bar

This steamboat goes up the Mississippi River to the Zoo

Michael LOVES the river!

The Zoo is full of fountains...

...and is very lush and green

Now, if you are in the mood for some racy pictures (no, not of us!), click here to see the pictures from Southern Decadence, which is a huge gay-pride festival in New Orleans. The costumes were scandalous, and great - but those who are easily offended or freaked out may want to skip them!